Logging In

Logging in

When you created your account you would have received a system generated email containing your log in details. This is a one-time login so it can only be used once. 

After logging in, you will be redirected to http://www.foundationskills.com.au/user/742/edit so you can change your password.

Step 1 – Go to http://www.foundationskills.com.au/

Step 2 – Click on the green Login button on the top left of the screen on the homepage (next to the signup button).

Step 3 – Enter your Username or email address. You may login with either.

Step 4 – Enter the one-time login password provided to you in the Registration email.

Step 5 - Click the LOGIN  button


Can’t remember your Password?

Simply click on the Forgot password link and type in your username or email address.  Click the RESET button. Your password will then be emailed to you.