Creating an Account

Creating an Account

Step 1 - Click ‘Signup’ in the top right hand corner of the log in screen

Step 2 - You will see the screen on the right. Complete the form (fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields) and click SIGNUP.

1.        Username – this is the name that you use to log into the system.  Note that spaces are allowed but punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens and underscores.

2.        Email address – please ensure you enter your email address correctly. This email address will be used when you use the ‘Forgotten your password’ feature. If the address is entered incorrectly, or is incomplete, you will not receive the email containing your password.

3.        First name and last name – These are the names that will print out on your online completion certificate. Please ensure you insert your first name ONLY in the first box and your surname ONLY in the second box.

4.        Zip/Postal Code – enter a valid postcode.

Step 3 - When you click signup you will be taken straight to the Home page where you will need to login to access the courses (see section on LOGGING IN).