Completing a Course

Completing a course

Step 1 - Watching the slideshow

When you open a course you will see a screen similar to the one below. Use the Next and Previous buttons to navigate your way through the slideshow. 

NOTE: Ideally try to complete the slideshow in one sitting as the resume function (to take up the course where you left of if you leave the slideshow before completion) is not operational.

Step 2 - Taking a Quiz

When you have completed the slideshow you need to complete a short multiple choice quiz to demonstrate your learning.  At the bottom left of the screen click on the Quiz link.

You will then be at a page that looks similar to the one below.  Click on the Take a Test button and then on the Start Quiz button. Work your way through the quiz questions, clicking on your answer and then the Next button.  

The correct response to the question you just answered will appear on the top of the next page with the next question to answer underneath.  You can go back to the previous question or click on the next button to proceed through the rest of the quiz. 

When you have reached the end you will see all the questions with your responses as well as the correct response if you answered a question incorrectly. You then click on the link Get back to the lesson where you can retake the quiz, view your certificate in the My Profile section or navigate back to the home page by using the menu on the top of the page. 

Step 3 - Obtaining your competion Certificate

To view your competion Certificate click on the MYProfile link at the top og the screen. Click on the Certificates tab.

To download your certificate for printing or saving to an alternate location click on the Download Certificate link. Your certificate will then be available as a pdf file at the bottom left of the screen.

To print your certificate hover your mouse over the area at the bottom left of the screen until a menu appears.  Click on the Print button and follow the instructions to print.  To save the certificate in a different location click on the Save icon and follow the instructions.